The St. Pius X adult choir has been in continuous existence since the church was built fifty years ago. Apart from a Summer break each year the choir has sung at all the many and varied ceremonies throughout the years. Of the original members only a few are still with us but many are well remembered through family and friends who keep in contact.

The first musical director was Chris Fannin and the first organist Paddy Jordan. Nuala O'Reilly took over from them around 1962 and directed the choir from the organ. She continued as musical director and organist for over 30 years until 1993. Next musical director was Evelyn Hearns with Kitty Bowden as organist until 1998. Then we had Catherine Kennedy musical director with Kitty Bowden continuing on the organ until 2002. Next musical director was Noreen O'Flynn with organist Paddy Furlong until 2006 until his retirement in 2012 (Sadly Paddy died on the 30th March 2015). Paddy was replaced initially by Martina Smyth and then by Niall Kinsella. Deirdre Coates took over in 2006 and retired in 2014 and was replaced by Evelyn Hearns in September 2015.noreilly1

As you can imagine over the years many people have come and gone . Some have moved out of the parish, some have died. Some would love to continue singing in the choir but are not well enough to sing, or perhaps well enough to get up the stairs. We keep in touch as much as we can and get regular feed-back from them.

Those of us who are lucky enough to be in the choir have become friends and have a good feeling of community amongst ourselves and the ex-members, and we all have a sense of the tradition in the choir.

We would absolutely love to get a few new members as our numbers are very depleted and we find sometimes we don't have enough people to sing all the harmonies. Anybody of any age who would like to join (even to try it out for awhile) would be more than welcome.

We practise on Monday nights (not on bank holidays) at 8.p.m. We meet at the sacristy door at 7.45. p.m.

(Photo above shows the late Fr Con Lee (PP St Pius X) and organist Nuala O'Reilly. The photo was taken in July 1987)

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