St Pius X is lucky to have a committed group of volunteers who serve the parish community across a variety of community based ministries. We are always looking for new volunteers to join this team, to assist in these ministries. It is a wonderful opportunity for parishioners to participate in parish community events and activities and provides opportunities to make new friends. 

Weekend Volunteering

Weekend volunteering (on a rota basis) at the Saturday Vigil 7pm Mass or at the Sunday 11.30am Morning Mass involves the following:

greeting the community as they enter the church for Mass 

providing the missalette and newsletter to them

offering support to older parishioners if necessary, e.g. opening doors, accompanying them to their seats

ensuring visitors and new parish members are aware of the facilities in the church

helping with the collections during Mass and any special collections after Mass

opening and closing main doors before and after Mass and as appropriate

tidying up literature left in the pews 

Occasional Volunteering

Many volunteers help out occasionally with special celebrations, for example, volunteers assist at the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Holy Communion, the annual Remembrance Mass for deceased parishioners and the Annual Christmas Carol Service. General assistance as outlined above is required (as appropriate) and also additional duties during these cermonies include:

ushering families to their seats for First Communiion / Sacrament of Confirmation

taking part in the Service of Light ceremony during the Confirmation and Mass of Remembrance

ensuring large numbers receiving Holy Communion do so in a reverent and dignified manner

providing tea / coffee after the weekend Masses once per month and after other celebrations when required


If you are interested in participating in a parish ministry, this is an ideal opportunity to get involved at a level that suits your own time availabliity and allows you to get to know many other parishioners and roles / activities in the parish.

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