Meet on Mondays (apart from bank holidays) in Church Gallery at 7:45 p.m.
They sing every second week  at 11.30 O’clock Mass evry second Sunday. The director is Evelyn Hearns and the organist is Niall Kinsella.

See details on the history of the Adult Choir.

Meet in the Church on Thursday at 8:00 p.m.
Sing at the 7pm Vigil Mass every second week. The director is Sharon O'Donnell.

Open to all young people of secondary school age.
Meet on Sunday evenings at 7PM in the church for practice.
They sing every second week at the Vigil Mass 7pm which is the Youth Mass. The directors are Conor Barry and Robert Kerslake.

The youth Mass is especially for the youth of our parish, music and singing is provided by the Youth Choir. If you would like to actively get involved in the Mass or just help with the organisation please come along to St Mary’s room at 6.30 pm before the next Youth Mass.

CHILDRENS CHOIR:                                                 

The Children’s Choir has been in existence for many many years. Currently they have members comprising mainly of primary students from the local St. Pius X School. The youngest members are only six years old which must make this one of the youngest choirs around! They are also very committed indeed. They sing every second week at the 11.30 AM mass on Sundays.

They also participate at various celebrations throughout the year such as Easter, Good Friday and Christmas when they perform the much-loved Christmas pageant as part of the churches Christmas programme of events.

And that’s not all; we encourage full participation in the Family Mass so the children also do readings and bring up the Gifts.  This gives the children great confidence and a sense of achievement that they are contributing to the mass.

Come and Join In

New members are welcome all the time.
There is no audition process and though it does help to have a musical ear and be able to sing, the emphasis is not on musicality it’s about participation and enjoyment!
Children from first class to sixth are eligible to join. However, if your child is six, be conscious of the rehearsal process and if they are capable of conducting themselves appropriately at the mass (sitting on the altar).

The Choir continuously endeavors to learn new music so commitment is essential. If your child wants to join but is a bit shy, they might not be ready yet. Alternatively they can bring a friend to join too!
The director is Norah Walsh and music accompanist is Katerina Speranskaya .
Come up to the altar after the family mass or contact the parish office.

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