We are very lucky to have 3 choirs that sing at our Saturday / Sunday Masses, Feast Days and other celebrations. The Children's Choir also take an active part in the monthly Family Mass (7pm Vigil Mass), the Christmas pageant in December and the Stations of the Cross at Easter. Details of the choirs are below:

St Pius X Senior Church Choir:
Rehearsals on Mondays (apart from bank holidays) in the church gallery at 7.45pm. The choir sings traditional hymns and songs (from the gallery) each week at the 11.30am Sunday Morning Mass. The director and organist is Evelyn Hearns.

See details on the history of the Adult Choir.

St Pius X Adult Folk Group:
Rehearsals on Thursdays in the church at 8pm. The choir sing more contemporary hymns and songs (from beside the Altar) every second week at the 7pm Vigil Mass. The director is Sharon O'Donnell.

Children's Choir:                                                  
Rehearsals on Saturday evenings (at 6pm when not singing at Mass, at 6.30pm when singing at the 7pm Mass) before singing (from beside the altar) at the 7pm Vigil Mass every second week. 

Children from 1st class to 6th class are welcome but shoud be mature enough to be able to sit through the whole Mass quietly when not singing. The choir sings a mixture of age appropriate hyms and songs which are not too difficult to learn. The director is Ruth Durkin. 

All choirs welcome new members at any time. Although it does help to have a musical ear and be able to sing, participation in the choirs is about taking part, enjoyment and making new connections within the parish community.

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