The Parish Pastoral Council is a recommended structure within the church concerned with the pastoral activities of parish life.  It is made up of a representative body of the faithful and must include the parish priest.  The Parish Pastoral Council shares the responsibility for building the parish into a vibrant Christian community that promotes Gospel values of love, justice and peace.  It is a consultative body of leaders who actively seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and are guided by the teachings, laws and recommendations of the universal church and the local diocesan church

The Parish Pastoral Council is concerned with issues that affect the lives of parishioners rather than the administration or financial management of the parish. Areas of pastoral concern, which particularly affect Parish Pastoral Councils, consist of:

· the proclamation of the Word of God

· faith formation, catechesis and youth ministry

· liturgy, justice and peace

· family life

· evangelisation

· caring for the sick and the poor

· encouraging parishioners to become actively involved in the mission of the church

The members of the current council (2023) are:

Fr Pat McKinley - President

P J Brophy - Chairperson

Lorayne Ellison - Deputy Chairperson

Barbara McNaughton - Secretary

Fr Gerry Moore

Deacon Gerry Larkin

Fiona McNamee

William Tuke

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